Intelligent Scorecards

Capturing changes and trends in prospect requirements is critical to gaining an accurate view and determining the probability of a deal closing. Elvance scorecards are fully customisable allowing you to define your influential data points. Through aggregation of historic scorecard data, we provide powerful insights and trends to increase your win rate. 

Tick Track your prospects journey and understand influential activities.

Tick Improve proactiveness and automatically identify at-risk opportunities.

Tick Provide playbooks and best practices tailored to specific scenarios.

Opportunity management
Opportunity management

Track Feature Gaps

Gain a better understanding of the demand for specific features and functionality to help align your product strategy with market trends and prospect needs. Let us track the gaps in your product offerings, provide insight into lost revenue and upselling opportunities. 

Tick Fully customisable feature categorisation and owner assignment.

Tick Arm individuals with workarounds or recommended approaches.

Tick Ability to integrate with product development tools.

Monitor Risks

Achieve more accurate forecasting with our advanced risk management capabilities. Allowing greater visibility, we capture the patterns within risks throughout the opportunity cycle and so you can better understand the most impactful and highest occurring risks. 

Tick Analyse the impact and likelihood trends.

Tick Pre-built dashboards outlining the most impactful risks.

Tick Bespoke mitigation steps to effectively navigate the risks.

Opportunity management
Opportunity management

Opportunity Matrix

Customise Elvance stages to understand the key technical milestones in the sales cycle. View opportunity progression and assignment through your matrix dashboard. Achieve more accurate forecasting and identify misalignment with multi-dimensional analysis.

Tick Intuitive drag-and-drop interface to assign and update stages.

Tick Search across team members and review assignments.

Tick Pre-built reports showing opportunity stage misalignment.

Activity Tracking

Obtain cost of sale and return on investment metrics through opportunity activity logs. Identify outliers by comparing against historical data and observe trends in behaviours across individuals, customer profiles, team combinations and other factors.

Tick Customise the level of detail captured.

Tick View at an individual opportunity level or summarise.

Tick Determine efficiency gains and track improvements.

Opportunity management

Opportunity management

Deep Insights

All Elvance data is stored directly within Salesforce. Gain instant value from multiple pre-built reports and dashboards or tailor to your exact requirements. Elvance objects can be customised or included in Salesforce Flows to extend functionality.

Tick Schedule reports and dashboards and configure notifications.

Tick Add additional custom fields and data points.

Intuitive Configuration

Here to support you with installation, use the Elvance Setup Assistant to configure and tailor the solution to your needs. Installed in 6 simple steps with no coding, easily enable or disable features through the Elvance Administration and amend permissions to your business needs. 

Tick Built on the Salesforce Lightning interface.

Tick Ease of use for end users and administrators.

Tick Extend functionality through Salesforce flows and logic.