Why Elvance?


Elvance is built entirely on the Salesforce platform and no data leaves your Salesforce environment. Forget complex integrations and API connections with delayed updates; Elvance can be installed and configured within minutes. Users will never have to leave Salesforce with the power of Elvance at their fingertips. 

Checkbox ElvanceSingle source of truth with all data related to CRM records

Checkbox ElvanceExtend capability through Salesforce automation

Checkbox ElvanceConfigure, customize and maximize without leaving Salesforce 


Reduce inefficiency and maximize your return on investment, by making informed decisions on opportunities that are outside of your ‘sweet spot’. We make it easy to focus your efforts on the right opportunities, directly leading to exceeding your targets, by observing trends. 

Checkbox ElvanceMake ROI decisions based on data and historic trends

Checkbox ElvanceEvaluate potential revenue against opportunity and probability 

Checkbox ElvanceCombine Elvance metrics with Salesforce Opportunity data


Elvance displays information in a consumable format, making it easy to understand trends and changes. Providing insight to other key stakeholders within the customer journey, let us help improve your onboarding process and overall success. 

Checkbox ElvanceAdd Elvance technical scorecards directly to opportunity records

Checkbox ElvanceCustomize key value components and apply impact weightings 

Checkbox ElvanceCapture valuable data through minimal clicks to ensure efficiency

Is your business looking for more accurate, multi-dimensional forecasting and collaboration between teams to close more opportunities? Using AI technology, the Elvance features can help your team make more informed decisions, to increase win rate, accelerate revenue and improve customer experience, without ever leaving the Salesforce platform.