Sub Processors. 

Elvance uses certain sub processors (as listed below) to assist it in providing the services described in the Elvance Master Services Agreement. 

A subprocessor is a third party data processor engaged by Elvance, who has or potentially will have access to or process Customer Data or Personal Information. 

Data Categories

CategoryDescriptionDuration of ProcessingTypes of Personal Data
Customer DataData within the customer’s Salesforce instance created or processed by Elvance products installed within the Salesforce instance. Elvance does not have access to access this data without explicit access being granted by the customer for a specified time-bound period.N/A
Individual Product Usage DataThrough the use of Elvance products we will collect Individual Product Usage Data relating to the Users (incl. employees, contractors, etc.) interacting with the Product for the provision of support and product analytics.Retained for the period in which you are subscribed as a customer of Elvance or within 30 days after termination.Name, Job Title, Email, Username, IP Address and information about the usage of the product.
Anonymous Product Usage DataThrough your agreement with Salesforce anonymous usage data relating to your interaction with Authorised Security Reviews Applications is shared with the provider for the purpose of product analytics.Retained ongoingN/A

Sub processors

Entity NameData CategoryPurposePrimary Location
Salesforce Customer DataElvance Application infrastructure.Depending on Customer’s Salesforce instance.
SalesforceCompany confidential, Company Contact Personal Data, Anonymous Product Usage DataElvance CRM. CRM Software, Knowledge base, Community, Customer Support, License Management, and other business processes.U.K.
GoogleAnonymous Product Usage DataGoogle Analytics. For the provision of support and for the purpose of product analytics. U.S.