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Elvance provides intelligent opportunity management tools & deep insights to drive more accurate forecasting, ROI and collaboration. Native to Salesforce, Elvance captures the influential factors through AI scorecards to increase win rate, accelerate revenue and improve customer experience when solution selling. 

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Why Elvance?

Drive your business forward with a customer-first approach and effective sales cycle.

Make Data Decisions

Make Data Decisions!

Elvance is 100% Salesforce native enabling you to obtain deeper insights into your existing records and improve collaboration.

Become ROI Driven

Become ROI Driven!

Selling outside of your Ideal Customer Profile costs. Focus your team’s efforts on the opportunities that make a difference.

Enhance Customer Value

Enhance Customer Value!

Value identification is the precursor to value realisation. Improve the start of your customer’s journey by tracking their goals.


Transform your PreSales & Solution Engineering teams with all of the tools they need to thrive.

AI Scorecards

AI Scorecards

Build custom templates to capture the data points that influence opportunities.

Track trends throughout the sales cycle and leverage AI for deeper insights.

360 Forecasting

360 Forecasting

Identify misalignment between forecasting stages through multi-dimensional reports.

Technical stage management powered by a Drag and Drop interface.

Product Interlock

Product Interlock

Track demand for specific feature gaps and align to customer profiles.

Analyse revenue impact of missing features and functionality.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Associate risks and monitor likelihood and impact scores throughout the sales cycle.

Follow mitigation best practices for resolution.

ROI Analysis

ROI Analysis

Capture activity logs and associated tasks to automate cost of acquisition metrics.

Identify the winning formulas and frameworks to boost your win rate.